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How to Resize an Image in Markdown

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Markdown does not directly support resizing images through its syntax. To resize images, you’ll need to use HTML:

<img src="/MarkdownToolboxSmall.png" width="58" height="56"/>

Short version

Use HTML <img> tag with width and height attributes to resize an image in Markdown documents.

Long version


Markdown is widely used for its simplicity and effectiveness in creating documents with formatting. However, when it comes to more complex formatting needs, such as resizing images, Markdown's syntax falls short.


By embedding HTML within your Markdown document, you can easily resize images. This method allows you greater control over the presentation of your images, without stepping outside the Markdown ecosystem.


Although Markdown itself does not offer a direct way to resize images, the use of HTML tags within Markdown documents provides a simple and effective workaround. This ensures your images fit perfectly in your documents, enhancing the overall readability and aesthetic appeal.