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Best Markdown Editor for Mac

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Short version

The best Markdown editor for Mac depends on your needs: for a minimalist interface, try iA Writer; for versatility, consider Visual Studio Code; and for collaboration, Notion is a great choice.

Long version


Markdown editors are essential tools for developers, writers, and content creators. They provide an environment where users can write in Markdown and see live previews of their content. For Mac users, several options stand out due to their features and user experience.

Top Picks

  1. iA Writer: Known for its minimalist interface, iA Writer focuses on distraction-free writing. It features a strong focus on typography and supports syntax highlighting.

  2. Visual Studio Code (VSCode): A versatile code editor that also works great as a Markdown editor. It offers live previews, extensive plugin support, and integrated version control.

  3. Notion: While not a traditional Markdown editor, Notion supports Markdown shortcuts. It’s excellent for collaboration and organizing notes, documents, and tasks in one place.


Choosing the best Markdown editor depends on your specific needs. Whether you prioritize a clean writing environment, extensive functionality, or collaborative features, there’s an option available for Mac users.---