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How to implement copy to clipboard in markdown

Monday, February 19, 2024

Short version

Markdown itself does not support 'copy to clipboard' functionality natively. You will need to use additional HTML or JavaScript alongside your markdown.

Long version


While Markdown is widely used for its simplicity and ease in formatting text, it lacks the built-in ability to include interactive elements such as a 'copy to clipboard' button. However, you can achieve this functionality by embedding HTML or JavaScript code in your markdown file.

Embedding HTML

You can embed HTML buttons within your markdown to enable 'copy to clipboard' features. Note that support for raw HTML may vary depending on the Markdown processor or environment.

<button onclick="navigator.clipboard.writeText('Text to copy')">Copy to Clipboard</button>


While Markdown is not inherently designed to handle dynamic functions like 'copy to clipboard,' the integration of HTML and JavaScript offers a practical workaround. Always check your Markdown environment to ensure it supports HTML and JavaScript execution.