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How to Format Quotes in Markdown

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Short version

Use > to format a blockquote.

> This is a blockquote.

This is a blockquote.

Long version


In Markdown, quotes are commonly used to distinguish a block of text to signify quotations or special references. Markdown provides a simple syntax to format these quotes effectively.

Formatting Quotes

To create a blockquote, precede the text with > followed by a space.

> Here's an example of a blockquote.

You can also nest blockquotes by adding additional > characters:

> This is the first level of quoting.
>> This is a nested blockquote.


Blockquotes are an effective way to highlight sections of text in your Markdown documents, making them stand out as significant or as quotes from other sources. The syntax is straightforward and allows for nested quotations, providing flexibility in how you present quoted material.