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How to Use Markdown Mode on Reddit

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Short version

In Reddit's editor, switch to markdown mode by selecting the Switch to markdown link near the bottom of the text box. Here, you can use standard markdown syntax.

*I am italicized*

**I am bold**

I am italicized

I am bold

Long version


Reddit offers a markdown mode in its post editor, allowing users to format their posts using markdown syntax. This feature is especially useful for those familiar with markdown or who prefer more control over post formatting.

Activating Markdown Mode

To use markdown in Reddit:

Now you're ready to format your post using markdown syntax.

Basic Markdown Syntax

Here are some common markdown formatting tools to get you started:

Tips for Markdown on Reddit

Author's Note: This guide aims to introduce users to markdown on Reddit, but remember that practice makes perfect. Experiment with different formatting to find what works best for your posts.